Thursday, 14 March 2013

Lush Haul: February Retro, Valentine's & Mother's Day Products

One thing Lush does really well is make extremely covetable limited edition products... either for a special occasion or just for the fun of it! This of course means that I end up snapping things up as I know they won't be around for very long. Then, inevitably, I fall in love with something only to realise that it's no longer available. It's quite a masochistic exercise really, haha! Posts such as this will more likely than not become a regular thing. So here's the latest haul of limited edition products.

Valentine's Day
Tender Is The Night
From Dusk Til Dawn
Willow Pattern Soap (100g)

Massage bars are right up there with my favourite products that Lush make, so I was very excited to find out that there would be two limited edition ones for Valentine's Day. Massage bars are essentially solid body moisturisers - they're very rich, with a base of cocoa butter that melts upon contact with the skin. They're fantastic for dry skin as you can imagine. They also hold fragrance very well, both in the bar and on the skin. And the fact that they're naked products (I keep most of mine in reusable tins) means that there's less packaging, which is kinder on the environment (the 'plastic' pictured is of the biodegradable kind). Of course I had to get these two limited edition bars.

Tender is The Night: this has one of my favourite scent combinations of all time - vanilla and jasmine - yum! The heart-shaped bar has a liquid centre so I predict it being very messy to use. But that's a small sacrifice to make for this delicious scent. It's just a shame the thing is so small! I can't see getting more than 2 uses out of this one which is rare - usually massage bars last me absolutely ages.

From Dusk 'Til Dawn: has a slightly odd conical shape. I imagine it will be quite unwieldy to use. It looks more like a bath melt than a massage bar. It has a very zesty, uplifting scent of sweet wild orange oil and Sicilian lemon, and includes energising ginseng and guarana powders. Can't imagine anyone falling asleep after a massage with this one!

Willow Pattern Soap: This is scented with a fragrance called 'A Thousand Rose Petals'. I'm sure I've said this before, but rose is one of my favourite floral fragrance so buying this one was a bit of a no-brainer for me. The soap chunk is really pretty - but the whole ones in the shop were even more stunning, looking like a giant blue and white china plate. I prefer the creamier formula of Lush soaps like this one, so I'm sure I'll enjoy using it.

Lush also released a few other bits for Valentine's Day: The Kiss, a vegan pink lip gloss, Foxy Knot Wrap (sooo cute!) and a few gift sets, all pictured below in the Lush Times.

Mother's Day
Secret Garden Ballistic
Mumkin Bubble Bar

Secret Garden: a rather small ballistic but it smells very strong and is a vivid green so I'm sure it will scent and colour the bath very well despite its diminutive size. It's packed with flowers that will be released in the bath and smells of rose and orange. A very aromatic secret garden!

Mumkin: this thing looks absolutely adorable, did it come out of an enchanted forest perhaps? No idea what planet this creature is from but I love it nonetheless. It has a raspberry scent and I'm sure it will make a lovely pink bubble bath.

Over the past few years Lush have always brought out ballistics that look like flowers for Mother's Day, and they did the same this year. They used the same scents as their bubbleroons (rose jam, green, yuzu & cocoa) for these ballistics. They also released The Washing Up Fairy for you to clean the dishes with whilst your Mum enjoys a nice bath! There were a few little Mother's Day gift boxes. The Mother's Day range is pictured below in another page from the Lush Times.

February Limited Edition Retro
Romance in a Stone
Spank Me with Saplings

Lush have started doing a monthly limited-edition retro range, which brings back old favourites for a limited time only online. I've been using Lush a while now, but nonetheless each month it's usually a mix of things I've tried before and things I haven't. The two I items I bought this month I'd never tried before.

Romance in a Stone: a pretty little ballistic - it looks like the old favourite Tisty Tosty but in the traditional shape of a ballistic rather than heart-shaped. I love any ballistic with 'bits' in it, especially pretty flower petals, so I'm sure this will make a beautiful bath. I just think a few well-chosen 'floaty bits' in the bath really adds to the experience, even if you do end up having to pick it out of the plug hole afterwards! The ballistic fizzes away to reveal a sonnet, so you get some reading material at bathtime too.

Spank Me with Saplings: is a shower jelly, another one of many fun, unique products Lush make. It feels just like a jelly you would eat, except you rub it between your hands or into a shower puff to get a lather and wash with it. This one is quite an unusual scent combination of being both zesty and woody - it contains oakmoss and black pepper. It smells very invigorating so I'm looking forward to jumping into the shower with this.

Other products they released for retro in February were Ooh La La, a lovely French lavender and rosemary scented soap; Magic Mushroom which is a cute toadstool-shaped bubblebar that smells of strawberry and vanilla; and Strawberry Feels Forever, a strawberry scented massage bar. In a rather disorganised fashion I've completely lost track of what I actually have in my giant stash, but I definitely still have some Ooh La La and Strawberry Feels Forever from before they were discontinued, whenever that was. I really should do an inventory of my Lush collection again soon so that I actually know what I have!

A few of the products mentioned in this post are still available on the website, and some may still be in your local shop too. The Easter range of products is currently in stores as well.


  1. You know I've never actually bought a single thing from Lush.........

    1. Shame on you! Rectify this deficiency immediately :p