Saturday, 27 April 2013

Garnier Intensive 7 Days Body Lotion

I noticed that a lot of my posts are actually about lotions, creams and moisturisers. Maybe I should change the title of this blog from Cosmetic Girl to Moisturising Madam or something. It's just an observation.... I'm not going to apologise for the profusion of moisturising products on these pages - they form an essential part of my daily routine, and they always say you should write what you know, so I'm going to do exactly that!

I recently picked up a couple of these Garnier Intensive 7 days Lotions. What appealed to me about these was that they claimed to be fast-absorbing and non-greasy, but still hydrating for dry skin. The two lotions I bought were the Softening Cocoa Butter one for dry, rough skin, and the L-Bifidus + Peach one for dry and sensitive skin.

I'm always quite sceptical about any time frame advertised in cosmetics (for example deodorants that last 72 hours  - I mean who wouldn't wash for 72 hours anyway?!), and these lotions claim that even 7 days after your last application, skin still feels moisturised. I have no idea why you would expect this to be the case or why it would be particularly desirable, and I'm not going to test if the claim is true. However, the lotions also claim to keep skin hydrated for 24 hours, and having used these I can vouch for the veracity of that claim.

I was particularly impressed with these actually - because not only do they keep your skin feeling hydrated, they really are fast-absorbing and non-greasy as they claim. I didn't think it was possible to have something non-greasy yet moistursing, I always thought that was a bit of a contradiction but these have proved me wrong. Apparently it's the rather odd sounding L-Bifidus (which to me sounds more like it should be in a yoghurt rather than a cream) which helps the skin to reinforce its natural barrier and lock moisture in.

The cocoa butter lotion has a lovely foody chocolatey scent, and has a creamier feel to it than the very refreshing peach lotion which is more of a gel.

I really like using these after a shower in the morning before work, because I can slip into my clothes straight away afterwards without them sticking to me. I think when the hotter weather approaches I'll get a lot of use out of them as well, because they're so light-weight, and the gel consistency of the peach one in particular makes if feel really soothing and refreshing to apply.

There are a number of other varieties available in this range, including some for normal skin and sensitive skin, and some yummy-sounding scents such as mango oil, honey and grape. I definitely recommend giving these a go, especially if you're one of those people who usually puts off moistruising because you don't like the heavy, sticky feeling that many lotions leave you with - these do the same job but absorb into your skin rather than your clothes! Garnier Intensive 7 Days Body Lotions are currently on offer at Boots so they're just under £2 each, which is a bit of a bargain if you ask me.

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