Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Topshop Lip Bullets

Until I picked up two of these babies I'd never actually tried any Topshop makeup before, despite the pretty packaging and some cool concepts that had caught my eye (peelable nail polish!). But when I saw these Lip Bullets in Topshop a couple of weeks ago I new I had to try them. I'm loving my lip colours at the moment and these looked like they offered something a little bit different - being halfway between a lipstick and a lip pencil. I picked up two colours: Rockabilly which is red, and Heartbeat, a peachy pink. I actually love the names of these as well so that appealed almost as much as the colours!

These are waxier in texture than a lipstick but still really easy to apply. My favourite of the two is definitely Rockabilly, it has a really intense colour and although, like Heartbeat, you have to reapply it frequently, it does stain your lips a bit so you don't have a completely naked lip between applications. I found Heartbeat didn't apply as evenly to my lips as Rockabilly, but then it is a lighter colour and I often find that lighter colours settle on dry patches a lot more than dark ones. I'm not entirely sure why that is but I've definitely come to notice it! Heartbeat is also a more sheer, delicate colour, but pretty nonetheless.

I do have one complaint about these however: the packaging could be a little sturdier. I had Rockabilly in my bag for a day and the lid popped off and coloured the inside of my bag and its contents fairly red! One of the reasons why I didn't take pictures of them is because Rockabilly now looks a hot red mess with a bashed nib (teaches me for not using a makeup bag I suppose). So I would say that these should never be put them loose in a bag or you'll end up with a multi-coloured mess. Luckily eventhough the nib is all messed up it still is surprisingly easy to apply to your lips neatly. I guess it's because they're more slender than a lipstick.

Although I do think that their price point is a little high at £8, there is a decent range of colours available, they're easy to use, they're fun and don't take themselves to seriously. Definitely think I'll be delving into the world of Topshop make up again soon.

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  1. can't believe you haven't tried any topshop make up before, their normal lipsticks are excellent. i like these new additions but agree they wear off easily