Saturday, 23 February 2013

Anatomicals: You Need A Blooming Shower! Body Cleanser

This is another product received in February's Glossybox. My first impressions were good: I was impressed by the bold colour and typeface on the packaging, and rose is one of my favourite scents.

The gel is a pretty translucent pink colour, and is of a medium consistency. It has a pretty straight-up scent of sweet rose. Apparently there's some jasmine in there too but my nose couldn't detect it.

In the shower unfortunately it felt pretty unluxurious - the gel-like consistency made it feel like quite a cheap shower gel, despite the 'body cleanser' name giving the impression that it might be something more interesting. I actually found it quite drying -  after one quick shower with this my hands were turning prune-like as if I'd been in a hot bath for too long. I also found the scent quite overpowering. I'm very used to strong scents so I'm not sure why I got a slight headache using this! Luckily the scent fades to a gentle rose on the skin once out of the shower.

When using this shower gel I just ended up wishing that I was using Weleda's Wild Rose Body Wash instead which is a million times better, in a complete different league. In a way I don't really 'get' mid-range shower gels like this Anatomicals one - which retails at £2.99 for 300ml. In terms of value for money I think you're better off either getting a super cheap shower gel (like Original Source which you can often pick up for around £1), or a high-end one like Weleda. A £2.99 shower gel is rarely 3 times better than a 99p one, so not really worth a purchase in my opinion!

I'm somewhat disappointed that glossybox included this product. It's hardly high end. The rose shower gel by Weleda, or say Korres would have been more appropriate. 

I won't be buying this product again, and it's more likely to end up cleaning my sink than my body!

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